Jahjaga Foundation is partnering with StoneCastle Winery and Food Wine to launch an initiative supporting the development of women entrepreneurship focused on agriculture within Kosovo. With a population of 65% of its citizens under the age of 30, Kosovo will continue to develop into a hub of innovation and women’s empowerment in the Balkan Region. For every purchase of Food Wine, 20% will be donated to support the rise of the agricultural expansion in Kosovo.

5.8 is Partnering with Plastic Bank to create jobs in the Dominican Republic and raise awareness around plastic consumption while creating a meaningful local and national recycling platform that creates a circular economy. Thousands of jobs will be created for the local citizens in the DR.

Philippines is providing Metro Bacolod with clean bulk water of up to 30,000 m3 per day using two water sources it has acquired the water rights to. It will create a customized water system for Bacolod utilizing innovative and sustainable technological solutions to ensure all it’s citizens are granted access to clean drinking water.

Jordan is launching an innovative agricultural platform in Jordan utilizing shipping containers and vertical farming technology that is creating jobs for women in the local refugee camps.

5.8 is partnering with the world expedition company 5.8 and co-founder of Charlie Engle to raise awareness around accessibility to clean water in Africa. During this experience we are delivering DecaWater Filter Systems to communities in Kenya and Tanzania. will be tracking the expedition in September.