Green Technology

Green technology isn’t just the wave of the future; it’s the wave of the here and now. As the new dawn of environmentally friendly energy sources become available, future generations will be employing the use of this technology as a way of life. Not only will this green machinery become beneficial in terms of reducing carbon footprints; it will also promote healthier-minded attitudes, which can eventually lead to a collective mindset amongst populations around the world. The term green technology, in its singular form, is actually a group of technologies designed to maintain healthy ecosystems across the globe. Renewable and green energies are generated from solar and wind power, which in turn creates a sustainable tomorrow.

Green TechnologyUsing the sun to bolster green technology has proven to be effective in many ways. Solar paneling is now being used in many homes and businesses as main power sources and auxiliary sources as well. These panels are designed to store the sun’s radiant energy and used to provide electricity in a number of areas. These panels are also referred to as “photovoltaic” or PV storage cells, and the average shelf life of one PV cell ranges from 20 to 25 years. In terms of durability, most PV cells are able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

On a larger green technology scale, one of the world’s most expansive solar power plants is located in the Mojave Desert, totaling 1000 acres. This energy development system harnesses the sun’s energy via the use of reflective mirrors that convert the heat into usable electricity and other forms of energy, which is a viable alternative to coal technology. Even though coal is still being used in many areas as a prime source of energy, its supply is limited when putting it next to the virtually unlimited power of the sun.

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